exception oci.exceptions.ClientError

A client-side error occurred..

exception oci.exceptions.CompositeOperationError(partial_results=[], cause=None)

An exception occurred during a composite operation (e.g. launching an instance and waiting for state) but part of the composite operation succeeded. This exception has the following attributes:

  • partial_results (list) -- Any partial results which are available (e.g. if the launch_instance() succeeded and the waiting for state failed then this will contain the launch_instance() result)
  • cause (Exception) -- The exception which caused the composite operation to fail
exception oci.exceptions.ConfigFileNotFound

Config file not be found.

exception oci.exceptions.ConnectTimeout(*args, **kwargs)

The request timed out while trying to connect to the remote server.

Requests that produced this error are safe to retry.

exception oci.exceptions.InvalidConfig(errors)

The config object is missing required keys or contains malformed values.

For example:

raise InvalidConfig({
    "region": "missing",
    "key_id": "malformed'
exception oci.exceptions.InvalidPrivateKey

The provided key is not a private key, or the provided passphrase is incorrect.

exception oci.exceptions.MaximumWaitTimeExceeded

Maximum wait time has been exceeded.

exception oci.exceptions.MissingEndpointForNonRegionalServiceClientError

No endpoint value was provided when trying to create a non-regional service client.

exception oci.exceptions.MissingPrivateKeyPassphrase

The provided key requires a passphrase.

exception oci.exceptions.MultipartUploadError(**kwargs)

Exception thrown when an error with a multipart upload occurs. As multipart uploads can be parallelised, this error contains a collection of errors which caused individual part uploads to fail

exception oci.exceptions.ProfileNotFound

The specified profile was not found in the config file.

exception oci.exceptions.RequestException(*args, **kwargs)

An exception occurred when making the request

exception oci.exceptions.ServiceError(status, code, headers, message, **kwargs)

The service returned an error response.

exception oci.exceptions.WaitUntilNotSupported

wait_until is not supported by this response.