Uploading Large Objects

The Object Storage service supports multipart uploads to make large object uploads easier by splitting the large object into parts. The Python SDK supports raw multipart upload operations for advanced use cases, as well as a higher-level upload class that uses the multipart upload APIs. Using Multipart Uploads provides links to the APIs used for raw multipart upload operations. Higher-level uploads can be performed using the UploadManager. The UploadManager will: split a large object into parts for you, upload the parts in parallel, and then recombine and commit the parts as a single object in Object Storage.

The UploadObject example shows how UploadManager can be used to upload files to object storage.

Potential data corruption with Python SDK on binary upload

Details: When using the Python SDK to perform binary upload operations you may encounter an issue with data corruption if retries are enabled or if you are using UploadManager.upload_file.

Workaround: We are aware of the issue and working on a resolution. For more information about this issue and workarounds, see Potential data corruption issue for PythonSDK retry on binary data upload.

Direct link to this issue: Potential data corruption with Python SDK on binary upload.