Database Management

oci.database_management.DbManagementClient Use the Database Management API to perform tasks such as obtaining performance and resource usage metrics for a fleet of Managed Databases or a specific Managed Database, creating Managed Database Groups, and running a SQL job on a Managed Database or Managed Database Group.
oci.database_management.DbManagementClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around DbManagementClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.database_management.models.ActivityTimeSeriesMetrics The response object representing activityMetric details for a specific database at a particular time.
oci.database_management.models.AddManagedDatabaseToManagedDatabaseGroupDetails The Managed Database details required to add it to a Managed Database Group.
oci.database_management.models.AllowedParameterValue A valid value for a database parameter.
oci.database_management.models.AssociatedDatabaseCollection A collection of databases using a Database Management private endpoint.
oci.database_management.models.AssociatedDatabaseSummary Summary of a Database currently using a Private Endpoint.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbCollection The result of AWR query.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbCpuUsageCollection The AWR CPU usage data.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbCpuUsageSummary A summary of the AWR CPU resource limits and metrics.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbMetricCollection The AWR metrics time series summary data.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbMetricSummary The summary of the AWR metric data for a particular metric at a specific time.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbParameterChangeCollection The AWR database parameter change history.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbParameterChangeSummary A summary of the changes made to a single AWR database parameter.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbParameterCollection The AWR database parameter data.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbParameterSummary The summary of the AWR change history data for a single database parameter.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbReport The result of the AWR report.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbSnapshotCollection The list of AWR snapshots for one database.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbSnapshotRangeCollection The AWR snapshot range list.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbSnapshotRangeSummary The summary data for a range of AWR snapshots.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbSnapshotSummary The AWR snapshot summary of one snapshot.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbSqlReport The result of the AWR SQL report.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbSummary The AWR summary for a database.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbSysstatCollection The AWR SYSSTAT time series summary data.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbSysstatSummary The summary of the AWR SYSSTAT data.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbTopWaitEventCollection The AWR top wait event data.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbTopWaitEventSummary A summary of the AWR top wait event data for one event.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbWaitEventBucketCollection The percentage distribution of waits in the AWR wait event buckets.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbWaitEventBucketSummary A summary of the AWR wait event bucket and waits percentage.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbWaitEventCollection The AWR wait event data.
oci.database_management.models.AwrDbWaitEventSummary The summary of the AWR wait event time series data for one event.
oci.database_management.models.AwrQueryResult The AWR query result.
oci.database_management.models.ChangeDatabaseParameterDetails The value of a database parameter to change.
oci.database_management.models.ChangeDatabaseParametersDetails The details required to change database parameter values.
oci.database_management.models.ChangeDbManagementPrivateEndpointCompartmentDetails The details used to change the compartment of a Database Management private endpoint.
oci.database_management.models.ChangeJobCompartmentDetails The details required to change the compartment of a job.
oci.database_management.models.ChangeManagedDatabaseGroupCompartmentDetails The details required to change the compartment of a Managed Database Group.
oci.database_management.models.ChildDatabase The child Managed Database of a Managed Database Group.
oci.database_management.models.ClusterCacheMetric The response containing the cluster cache metrics for the Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) database.
oci.database_management.models.CreateDbManagementPrivateEndpointDetails The details used to create a new Database Management private endpoint.
oci.database_management.models.CreateJobDetails The details required to create a job.
oci.database_management.models.CreateManagedDatabaseGroupDetails The details required to create a Managed Database Group.
oci.database_management.models.CreateSqlJobDetails The details specific to the SQL job request.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseCredentials The database credentials used to perform management activity.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseFleetHealthMetrics The details of the fleet health metrics.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseHomeMetricDefinition The response containing the CPU, Storage, Wait, DB Time, and Memory metrics for a specific database.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseHomeMetrics The response containing the metric collection for a specific database.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseIOAggregateMetrics The database Input/Output metric details.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseInstanceHomeMetricsDefinition The response containing the CPU, Wait, DB Time, and Memory metrics for a specific Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) database instance.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseParameterSummary A summary of the database parameter.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseParameterUpdateStatus The result of database parameter update.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseParametersCollection A collection of database parameters.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseStorageAggregateMetrics The database storage metric values.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseTimeAggregateMetrics The database time metric details.
oci.database_management.models.DatabaseUsageMetrics The list of aggregated metrics for Managed Databases in the fleet.
oci.database_management.models.Datafile The details of a datafile.
oci.database_management.models.DbManagementPrivateEndpoint A Database Management private endpoint that allows Database Management services to connect to databases in a customer’s virtual cloud network (VCN).
oci.database_management.models.DbManagementPrivateEndpointCollection A collection of Database Management private endpoint objects.
oci.database_management.models.DbManagementPrivateEndpointSummary Summary of a Database Management private endpoint.
oci.database_management.models.FleetMetricDefinition The database metric details.
oci.database_management.models.FleetMetricSummaryDefinition A summary of the fleet metrics, which provides the metric aggregated value of the databases in the fleet.
oci.database_management.models.FleetStatusByCategory The number of databases in the fleet, grouped by database type and sub type.
oci.database_management.models.FleetSummary A summary of the inventory count grouped by database type and subtype, and the metrics that describe the aggregated usage of CPU, storage, and so on of all the databases in the fleet.
oci.database_management.models.InstanceDetails The details of the Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) database instance.
oci.database_management.models.Job The details of the job.
oci.database_management.models.JobCollection A collection of job objects.
oci.database_management.models.JobDatabase The Managed Database on which the job is executed.
oci.database_management.models.JobExecution The details of a job execution.
oci.database_management.models.JobExecutionCollection A collection of job execution objects.
oci.database_management.models.JobExecutionResultDetails The job execution result details.
oci.database_management.models.JobExecutionResultLocation The location of the job execution result.
oci.database_management.models.JobExecutionSummary A summary of a job execution on a Managed Database.
oci.database_management.models.JobExecutionsStatusSummary A summary of the status of the job executions.
oci.database_management.models.JobExecutionsStatusSummaryCollection A collection of job execution status summary objects.
oci.database_management.models.JobRun The details of a specific job run.
oci.database_management.models.JobRunCollection A collection of job run objects.
oci.database_management.models.JobRunSummary A summary of a specific job run.
oci.database_management.models.JobScheduleDetails The details of the job schedule.
oci.database_management.models.JobSummary A summary of the job.
oci.database_management.models.ManagedDatabase The details of a Managed Database.
oci.database_management.models.ManagedDatabaseCollection A collection of Managed Database objects.
oci.database_management.models.ManagedDatabaseGroup The details of a Managed Database Group.
oci.database_management.models.ManagedDatabaseGroupCollection A collection of Managed Database Group resources.
oci.database_management.models.ManagedDatabaseGroupSummary A group of Managed Databases that will be managed together.
oci.database_management.models.ManagedDatabaseSummary A summary of the Managed Database.
oci.database_management.models.MemoryAggregateMetrics The memory aggregate metric details.
oci.database_management.models.MetricDataPoint The metric values with dimension details.
oci.database_management.models.MetricDimensionDefinition The metric dimension details.
oci.database_management.models.ObjectStorageJobExecutionResultDetails The details of the job execution result stored in Object Storage.
oci.database_management.models.ObjectStorageJobExecutionResultLocation The details about Object Storage job execution result location type.
oci.database_management.models.ParentGroup The parent Managed Database Group of a Managed Database.
oci.database_management.models.PdbMetrics The summary of Pdb’s and it’s resource usage metrics (CPU, IO, Storage and Active sessions) for a specified Container database.
oci.database_management.models.PdbStatusDetails The number and status of PDBs in a Container Database.
oci.database_management.models.RemoveManagedDatabaseFromManagedDatabaseGroupDetails The Managed Database details required to remove it from a Managed Database Group.
oci.database_management.models.ResetDatabaseParametersDetails The details required to reset database parameter values.
oci.database_management.models.SqlJob The details of the SQL job.
oci.database_management.models.Tablespace The details of a tablespace.
oci.database_management.models.TablespaceCollection A collection of tablespaces for a specific database.
oci.database_management.models.TablespaceSummary The summary of a tablespace.
oci.database_management.models.TimeSeriesMetricDataPoint The metric values with dimension details.
oci.database_management.models.TimeSeriesMetricDefinition The response object representing time series metric details for a specific database at a particular time.
oci.database_management.models.UpdateDatabaseParametersResult The results of database parameter update.
oci.database_management.models.UpdateDbManagementPrivateEndpointDetails The details used to update a Database Management private endpoint.
oci.database_management.models.UpdateJobDetails The details required to update a job.
oci.database_management.models.UpdateManagedDatabaseGroupDetails The details required to update a Managed Database Group.
oci.database_management.models.UpdateSqlJobDetails The details specific to the SQL job request.
oci.database_management.models.WorkRequest A description of workrequest status
oci.database_management.models.WorkRequestCollection Lists all work requests in a given compartment.
oci.database_management.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing a work request.
oci.database_management.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection Results of a work request error search.
oci.database_management.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from the execution of a work request.
oci.database_management.models.WorkRequestLogEntryCollection Results of a work request log search.
oci.database_management.models.WorkRequestResource A resource created or operated on by a work request.
oci.database_management.models.WorkRequestSummary A Summary of Work Request