class oci.waas.models.WafConfig(**kwargs)

Bases: object

The Web Application Firewall configuration for the WAAS policy.


Initializes a new WafConfig object with values from keyword arguments. The following keyword arguments are supported (corresponding to the getters/setters of this class):

  • access_rules (list[AccessRule]) -- The value to assign to the access_rules property of this WafConfig.
  • address_rate_limiting (AddressRateLimiting) -- The value to assign to the address_rate_limiting property of this WafConfig.
  • captchas (list[Captcha]) -- The value to assign to the captchas property of this WafConfig.
  • device_fingerprint_challenge (DeviceFingerprintChallenge) -- The value to assign to the device_fingerprint_challenge property of this WafConfig.
  • good_bots (list[GoodBot]) -- The value to assign to the good_bots property of this WafConfig.
  • human_interaction_challenge (HumanInteractionChallenge) -- The value to assign to the human_interaction_challenge property of this WafConfig.
  • js_challenge (JsChallenge) -- The value to assign to the js_challenge property of this WafConfig.
  • origin (str) -- The value to assign to the origin property of this WafConfig.
  • caching_rules (list[CachingRule]) -- The value to assign to the caching_rules property of this WafConfig.
  • custom_protection_rules (list[CustomProtectionRuleSetting]) -- The value to assign to the custom_protection_rules property of this WafConfig.
  • origin_groups (list[str]) -- The value to assign to the origin_groups property of this WafConfig.
  • protection_rules (list[ProtectionRule]) -- The value to assign to the protection_rules property of this WafConfig.
  • protection_settings (ProtectionSettings) -- The value to assign to the protection_settings property of this WafConfig.
  • threat_feeds (list[ThreatFeed]) -- The value to assign to the threat_feeds property of this WafConfig.
  • whitelists (list[Whitelist]) -- The value to assign to the whitelists property of this WafConfig.

Gets the access_rules of this WafConfig. The access rules applied to the Web Application Firewall. Used for defining custom access policies with the combination of ALLOW, DETECT, and BLOCK rules, based on different criteria.

Returns:The access_rules of this WafConfig.
Return type:list[AccessRule]

Gets the address_rate_limiting of this WafConfig. The IP address rate limiting settings used to limit the number of requests from an address.

Returns:The address_rate_limiting of this WafConfig.
Return type:AddressRateLimiting

Gets the caching_rules of this WafConfig. A list of caching rules applied to the web application.

Returns:The caching_rules of this WafConfig.
Return type:list[CachingRule]

Gets the captchas of this WafConfig. A list of CAPTCHA challenge settings. These are used to challenge requests with a CAPTCHA to block bots.

Returns:The captchas of this WafConfig.
Return type:list[Captcha]

Gets the custom_protection_rules of this WafConfig. A list of the custom protection rule OCIDs and their actions.

Returns:The custom_protection_rules of this WafConfig.
Return type:list[CustomProtectionRuleSetting]

Gets the device_fingerprint_challenge of this WafConfig. The device fingerprint challenge settings. Used to detect unique devices based on the device fingerprint information collected in order to block bots.

Returns:The device_fingerprint_challenge of this WafConfig.
Return type:DeviceFingerprintChallenge

Gets the good_bots of this WafConfig. A list of bots allowed to access the web application.

Returns:The good_bots of this WafConfig.
Return type:list[GoodBot]

Gets the human_interaction_challenge of this WafConfig. The human interaction challenge settings. Used to look for natural human interactions such as mouse movements, time on site, and page scrolling to identify bots.

Returns:The human_interaction_challenge of this WafConfig.
Return type:HumanInteractionChallenge

Gets the js_challenge of this WafConfig. The JavaScript challenge settings. Used to challenge requests with a JavaScript challenge and take the action if a browser has no JavaScript support in order to block bots.

Returns:The js_challenge of this WafConfig.
Return type:JsChallenge

Gets the origin of this WafConfig. The key in the map of origins referencing the origin used for the Web Application Firewall. The origin must already be included in Origins. Required when creating the WafConfig resource, but not on update.

Returns:The origin of this WafConfig.
Return type:str

Gets the origin_groups of this WafConfig. The map of origin groups and their keys used to associate origins to the wafConfig. Origin groups allow you to apply weights to groups of origins for load balancing purposes. Origins with higher weights will receive larger proportions of client requests. To add additional origins to your WAAS policy, update the origins field of a UpdateWaasPolicy request.

Returns:The origin_groups of this WafConfig.
Return type:list[str]

Gets the protection_rules of this WafConfig. A list of the protection rules and their details.

Returns:The protection_rules of this WafConfig.
Return type:list[ProtectionRule]

Gets the protection_settings of this WafConfig. The settings to apply to protection rules.

Returns:The protection_settings of this WafConfig.
Return type:ProtectionSettings

Gets the threat_feeds of this WafConfig. A list of threat intelligence feeds and the actions to apply to known malicious traffic based on internet intelligence.

Returns:The threat_feeds of this WafConfig.
Return type:list[ThreatFeed]

Gets the whitelists of this WafConfig. A list of IP addresses that bypass the Web Application Firewall.

Returns:The whitelists of this WafConfig.
Return type:list[Whitelist]