oci.waas.WaasClient OCI Web Application Acceleration and Security Services
oci.waas.WaasClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around WaasClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.waas.models.AccessRule A content access rule.
oci.waas.models.AccessRuleCriteria AccessRuleCriteria model.
oci.waas.models.AddressList The details of the address list.
oci.waas.models.AddressListSummary A summary of the address list's information.
oci.waas.models.AddressRateLimiting The IP rate limiting configuration.
oci.waas.models.BlockChallengeSettings The challenge settings if action is set to BLOCK.
oci.waas.models.CachingRule CachingRule model.
oci.waas.models.CachingRuleCriteria A caching rule criteria condition and value.
oci.waas.models.CachingRuleSummary The caching rule settings.
oci.waas.models.Captcha The settings of the CAPTCHA challenge.
oci.waas.models.Certificate The details of the SSL certificate.
oci.waas.models.CertificateExtensions CertificateExtensions model.
oci.waas.models.CertificateIssuerName The issuer of the certificate.
oci.waas.models.CertificatePublicKeyInfo Information about the public key and the algorithm used by the public key.
oci.waas.models.CertificateSubjectName The entity to be secured by the certificate.
oci.waas.models.CertificateSummary A summary of the SSL certificate's information.
oci.waas.models.ChangeAddressListCompartmentDetails ChangeAddressListCompartmentDetails model.
oci.waas.models.ChangeCertificateCompartmentDetails ChangeCertificateCompartmentDetails model.
oci.waas.models.ChangeCustomProtectionRuleCompartmentDetails ChangeCustomProtectionRuleCompartmentDetails model.
oci.waas.models.ChangeWaasPolicyCompartmentDetails ChangeWaasPolicyCompartmentDetails model.
oci.waas.models.CreateAddressListDetails The data used to create a new address list.
oci.waas.models.CreateCertificateDetails The data used to create a new SSL certificate.
oci.waas.models.CreateCustomProtectionRuleDetails The required data to create a Custom Protection rule.
oci.waas.models.CreateWaasPolicyDetails The required data to create a WAAS policy.
oci.waas.models.CustomProtectionRule The details of a Custom Protection rule.
oci.waas.models.CustomProtectionRuleSetting The OCID and action of a Custom Protection rule.
oci.waas.models.CustomProtectionRuleSummary Summary information about a Custom Protection rule.
oci.waas.models.DeviceFingerprintChallenge The device fingerprint challenge settings.
oci.waas.models.EdgeSubnet The details about an edge node subnet.
oci.waas.models.GoodBot The good bot settings.
oci.waas.models.Header An HTTP header name and value.
oci.waas.models.HumanInteractionChallenge The human interaction challenge settings.
oci.waas.models.JsChallenge The JavaScript challenge settings.
oci.waas.models.Origin A detailed description of your web application's origin host server.
oci.waas.models.OriginGroup OriginGroup model.
oci.waas.models.OriginGroupOrigins OriginGroupOrigins model.
oci.waas.models.PolicyConfig The configuration details for the WAAS policy.
oci.waas.models.ProtectionRule The protection rule settings.
oci.waas.models.ProtectionRuleAction A protection rule key and the associated action to apply to that rule.
oci.waas.models.ProtectionRuleExclusion Allows specified types of requests to bypass the protection rule.
oci.waas.models.ProtectionSettings The settings used for protection rules.
oci.waas.models.PurgeCache The list of resources for cache purge.
oci.waas.models.Recommendation A recommended protection rule for a web application.
oci.waas.models.ThreatFeed The settings of the threat intelligence feed.
oci.waas.models.ThreatFeedAction The action to take for a request that has been determined to be potentially malicious.
oci.waas.models.UpdateAddressListDetails The data used to update the address list.
oci.waas.models.UpdateCertificateDetails The data used to create a new SSL certificate.
oci.waas.models.UpdateCustomProtectionRuleDetails Updates the configuration details of a Custom Protection rule.
oci.waas.models.UpdateWaasPolicyDetails Updates the configuration details of a WAAS policy.
oci.waas.models.WaasPolicy The details of a Web Application Acceleration and Security (WAAS) policy.
oci.waas.models.WaasPolicyCustomProtectionRuleSummary Summary information about a Custom Protection rule.
oci.waas.models.WaasPolicySummary Summary information about a WAAS policy.
oci.waas.models.WafBlockedRequest WafBlockedRequest model.
oci.waas.models.WafConfig The Web Application Firewall configuration for the WAAS policy.
oci.waas.models.WafConfigDetails The Web Application Firewall configuration for the WAAS policy creation.
oci.waas.models.WafLog A list of Web Application Firewall log entries.
oci.waas.models.WafMeterDatum WafMeterDatum model.
oci.waas.models.WafRequest A time series of request counts handled by the Web Application Firewall, including blocked requests.
oci.waas.models.WafTrafficDatum A time series of traffic data for the Web Application Firewall configured for a policy.
oci.waas.models.Whitelist An array of IP addresses that bypass the Web Application Firewall.
oci.waas.models.WorkRequest Many of the API requests you use to create and configure WAAS policies do not take effect immediately.
oci.waas.models.WorkRequestError An object returned in the event of a work request error.
oci.waas.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message for a work request.
oci.waas.models.WorkRequestResource The resource on which the work request is operating.
oci.waas.models.WorkRequestSummary The summarized details of a work request.