oci.marketplace.MarketplaceClient Manage applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace.
oci.marketplace.MarketplaceClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around MarketplaceClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.marketplace.models.AcceptedAgreement The model for an accepted terms of use agreement.
oci.marketplace.models.AcceptedAgreementSummary The model for a summary of an accepted agreement.
oci.marketplace.models.Agreement The model for an end user license agreement.
oci.marketplace.models.AgreementSummary The model for a summary of an end user license agreement.
oci.marketplace.models.CategorySummary The model for a summary of product categories for listings.
oci.marketplace.models.CreateAcceptedAgreementDetails The model for the parameters needed to accept a terms of use agreement.
oci.marketplace.models.DocumentationLink A link to a documentation resource on the internet.
oci.marketplace.models.ErrorEntity The model for the error entity.
oci.marketplace.models.ImageListingPackage A package for image listings.
oci.marketplace.models.Item The model for an item within an array of filter values.
oci.marketplace.models.Link The model for links.
oci.marketplace.models.Listing The model for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace listing.
oci.marketplace.models.ListingPackage A base object for all types of listing packages.
oci.marketplace.models.ListingPackageSummary The model for a summary of a package.
oci.marketplace.models.ListingSummary The model for a summary of an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace listing.
oci.marketplace.models.NamedLink A link to a resource on the internet.
oci.marketplace.models.OrchestrationListingPackage A listing package for orchestration.
oci.marketplace.models.OrchestrationVariable The model of a variable for an orchestration resource.
oci.marketplace.models.PricingModel The model for pricing.
oci.marketplace.models.Publisher The model for a publisher.
oci.marketplace.models.PublisherSummary Summary details about the publisher of the listing.
oci.marketplace.models.Region The model for regions supported by a listing and package.
oci.marketplace.models.ReportCollection A collection of reports that match the parameters of the request.
oci.marketplace.models.ReportSummary The model of a single report.
oci.marketplace.models.ReportTypeCollection A collection of report types.
oci.marketplace.models.ReportTypeSummary The model of the description of a report.
oci.marketplace.models.Screenshot The model for a listing’s screenshot.
oci.marketplace.models.SupportContact Contact information to use to get support.
oci.marketplace.models.UpdateAcceptedAgreementDetails The model for the parameters needed to update an accepted terms of use agreement.
oci.marketplace.models.UploadData The model for upload data for images and icons.