class oci.load_balancer.models.SourceIpAddressCondition(**kwargs)

Bases: oci.load_balancer.models.rule_condition.RuleCondition

An access control rule condition that requires a match on the specified source IP address or address range.


Initializes a new SourceIpAddressCondition object with values from keyword arguments. The default value of the attribute_name attribute of this class is SOURCE_IP_ADDRESS and it should not be changed. The following keyword arguments are supported (corresponding to the getters/setters of this class):

  • attribute_name (str) -- The value to assign to the attribute_name property of this SourceIpAddressCondition. Allowed values for this property are: "SOURCE_IP_ADDRESS", "SOURCE_VCN_ID", "SOURCE_VCN_IP_ADDRESS", "PATH"
  • attribute_value (str) -- The value to assign to the attribute_value property of this SourceIpAddressCondition.

[Required] Gets the attribute_name of this RuleCondition. Allowed values for this property are: "SOURCE_IP_ADDRESS", "SOURCE_VCN_ID", "SOURCE_VCN_IP_ADDRESS", "PATH", 'UNKNOWN_ENUM_VALUE'. Any unrecognized values returned by a service will be mapped to 'UNKNOWN_ENUM_VALUE'.

Returns:The attribute_name of this RuleCondition.
Return type:str

[Required] Gets the attribute_value of this SourceIpAddressCondition. An IPv4 or IPv6 address range that the source IP address of an incoming packet must match.

The service accepts only classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) format (x.x.x.x/y or x:x::x/y) strings.

Specify or ::/0 to match all incoming traffic.

Returns:The attribute_value of this SourceIpAddressCondition.
Return type:str

Given the hash representation of a subtype of this class, use the info in the hash to return the class of the subtype.