class oci.load_balancer.models.BackendSet(**kwargs)

Bases: object

The configuration of a load balancer backend set. For more information on backend set configuration, see Managing Backend Sets.

Note: The sessionPersistenceConfiguration (application cookie stickiness) and lbCookieSessionPersistenceConfiguration (LB cookie stickiness) attributes are mutually exclusive. To avoid returning an error, configure only one of these two attributes per backend set.

Warning: Oracle recommends that you avoid using any confidential information when you supply string values using the API.


Initializes a new BackendSet object with values from keyword arguments. The following keyword arguments are supported (corresponding to the getters/setters of this class):

  • name (str) -- The value to assign to the name property of this BackendSet.
  • policy (str) -- The value to assign to the policy property of this BackendSet.
  • backends (list[Backend]) -- The value to assign to the backends property of this BackendSet.
  • health_checker (HealthChecker) -- The value to assign to the health_checker property of this BackendSet.
  • ssl_configuration (SSLConfiguration) -- The value to assign to the ssl_configuration property of this BackendSet.
  • session_persistence_configuration (SessionPersistenceConfigurationDetails) -- The value to assign to the session_persistence_configuration property of this BackendSet.
  • lb_cookie_session_persistence_configuration (LBCookieSessionPersistenceConfigurationDetails) -- The value to assign to the lb_cookie_session_persistence_configuration property of this BackendSet.

[Required] Gets the backends of this BackendSet.

Returns:The backends of this BackendSet.
Return type:list[Backend]

[Required] Gets the health_checker of this BackendSet.

Returns:The health_checker of this BackendSet.
Return type:HealthChecker

Gets the lb_cookie_session_persistence_configuration of this BackendSet.

Returns:The lb_cookie_session_persistence_configuration of this BackendSet.
Return type:LBCookieSessionPersistenceConfigurationDetails

[Required] Gets the name of this BackendSet. A friendly name for the backend set. It must be unique and it cannot be changed.

Valid backend set names include only alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores. Backend set names cannot contain spaces. Avoid entering confidential information.

Example: example_backend_set

Returns:The name of this BackendSet.
Return type:str

[Required] Gets the policy of this BackendSet. The load balancer policy for the backend set. To get a list of available policies, use the list_policies() operation.


Returns:The policy of this BackendSet.
Return type:str

Gets the session_persistence_configuration of this BackendSet.

Returns:The session_persistence_configuration of this BackendSet.
Return type:SessionPersistenceConfigurationDetails

Gets the ssl_configuration of this BackendSet.

Returns:The ssl_configuration of this BackendSet.
Return type:SSLConfiguration