class oci.key_management.models.UpdateKeyDetails(**kwargs)

Bases: object

UpdateKeyDetails model.


Initializes a new UpdateKeyDetails object with values from keyword arguments. The following keyword arguments are supported (corresponding to the getters/setters of this class):

  • defined_tags (dict(str, dict(str, object))) -- The value to assign to the defined_tags property of this UpdateKeyDetails.
  • display_name (str) -- The value to assign to the display_name property of this UpdateKeyDetails.
  • freeform_tags (dict(str, str)) -- The value to assign to the freeform_tags property of this UpdateKeyDetails.

Gets the defined_tags of this UpdateKeyDetails. Usage of predefined tag keys. These predefined keys are scoped to namespaces. Example: {"foo-namespace": {"bar-key": "foo-value"}}

Returns:The defined_tags of this UpdateKeyDetails.
Return type:dict(str, dict(str, object))

Gets the display_name of this UpdateKeyDetails. A user-friendly name for the key. It does not have to be unique, and it is changeable. Avoid entering confidential information.

Returns:The display_name of this UpdateKeyDetails.
Return type:str

Gets the freeform_tags of this UpdateKeyDetails. Simple key-value pair that is applied without any predefined name, type, or scope. Exists for cross-compatibility only. Example: {"bar-key": "value"}

Returns:The freeform_tags of this UpdateKeyDetails.
Return type:dict(str, str)