class oci.key_management.models.ScheduleKeyDeletionDetails(**kwargs)

Bases: object

Details for scheduling key deletion


Initializes a new ScheduleKeyDeletionDetails object with values from keyword arguments. The following keyword arguments are supported (corresponding to the getters/setters of this class):

Parameters:time_of_deletion (datetime) -- The value to assign to the time_of_deletion property of this ScheduleKeyDeletionDetails.

Gets the time_of_deletion of this ScheduleKeyDeletionDetails. An optional property to indicate the deletion time of the key, expressed in RFC 3339 timestamp format. The specified time must be between 7 and 30 days from the time when the request is received. If this property is missing, it will be set to 30 days from the time of the request by default.

Returns:The time_of_deletion of this ScheduleKeyDeletionDetails.
Return type:datetime