oci.jms.JavaManagementServiceClient API for the Java Management Service.
oci.jms.JavaManagementServiceClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around JavaManagementServiceClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.jms.models.AddFleetInstallationSitesDetails The list of Java installation sites to add.
oci.jms.models.ApplicationUsage Application usage during a specified time period.
oci.jms.models.ApplicationUsageCollection Results of an application search.
oci.jms.models.Blocklist The blocklist record to prevent a target resource from certain operation with reason.
oci.jms.models.BlocklistCollection Results of a blocklist search.
oci.jms.models.BlocklistEntry An entry for blocklist to describe blocked operation and reason.
oci.jms.models.BlocklistTarget A resource to blocklist for certain operation.
oci.jms.models.ChangeFleetCompartmentDetails Attributes to change the compartment of a Fleet.
oci.jms.models.CreateBlocklistDetails The blocklist record details.
oci.jms.models.CreateFleetDetails Attributes to create a Fleet.
oci.jms.models.CustomLog Custom Log for inventory or operation log.
oci.jms.models.ExistingInstallationSiteId The essential properties to identity a Java installation site.
oci.jms.models.Fleet A Fleet is the primary collection with which users interact when using Java Management Service.
oci.jms.models.FleetAgentConfiguration Management Agent Configuration for a Fleet.
oci.jms.models.FleetAgentOsConfiguration Management Agent Configuration for list of include/exclude file system paths (specific to operating system).
oci.jms.models.FleetCollection Results of a Fleet search.
oci.jms.models.FleetSummary The summary of the Fleet.
oci.jms.models.GenerateAgentDeployScriptDetails Attributes to generate agent deploy script for a Fleet.
oci.jms.models.InstallationSite Installation site of a Java Runtime.
oci.jms.models.InstallationSiteCollection Results of an installation site search.
oci.jms.models.InstallationSiteSummary Installation site of a Java Runtime.
oci.jms.models.InstallationUsage Installation usage during a specified time period.
oci.jms.models.InstallationUsageCollection Results of an installation search.
oci.jms.models.JavaArtifact Information about a binary artifact of Java.
oci.jms.models.JavaFamily Complete information of a specific Java release family.
oci.jms.models.JavaFamilyCollection Contains summary of the Java release family details.
oci.jms.models.JavaFamilySummary A summary of the Java release family information.
oci.jms.models.JavaLicense Information about a license type for Java.
oci.jms.models.JavaRelease Complete information of a specific release of Java.
oci.jms.models.JavaReleaseCollection Collection of information about the Java releases.
oci.jms.models.JavaReleaseSummary A summary of the Java release properties.
oci.jms.models.JavaRuntimeId The essential properties to identify a Java Runtime.
oci.jms.models.JreUsage Java Runtime usage during a specified time period.
oci.jms.models.JreUsageCollection Results of a Java Runtime search.
oci.jms.models.ManagedInstanceUsage Managed instance usage during a specified time period.
oci.jms.models.ManagedInstanceUsageCollection Results of a managed instance search.
oci.jms.models.NewInstallationSite The properties of a new Java installation site.
oci.jms.models.OperatingSystem Operating System of the platform on which the Java Runtime was reported.
oci.jms.models.Principal An authorized principal.
oci.jms.models.RemoveFleetInstallationSitesDetails The list of Java installation sites to remove.
oci.jms.models.ResourceInventory Inventory of JMS resources in a compartment during a specified time period.
oci.jms.models.UpdateFleetAgentConfigurationDetails Attributes to update a Fleet Agent Configuration.
oci.jms.models.UpdateFleetDetails Attributes to update a Fleet.
oci.jms.models.WorkItemCollection A list of WorkItem.
oci.jms.models.WorkItemSummary The LCM work request for a JVM installation site.
oci.jms.models.WorkRequest An asynchronous work request.
oci.jms.models.WorkRequestCollection Results of a work request search.
oci.jms.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing an operation that is tracked by a work request.
oci.jms.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection Results of a work request error search.
oci.jms.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from executing an operation that is tracked by a work request.
oci.jms.models.WorkRequestLogEntryCollection Results of a work request log entry search.
oci.jms.models.WorkRequestResource A resource that is created or operated on by an asynchronous operation that is tracked by a work request.