class oci.identity.models.Region(**kwargs)

Bases: object

A localized geographic area, such as Phoenix, AZ. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hosted in regions and Availability Domains. A region is composed of several Availability Domains. An Availability Domain is one or more data centers located within a region. For more information, see Regions and Availability Domains.

To use any of the API operations, you must be authorized in an IAM policy. If you're not authorized, talk to an administrator. If you're an administrator who needs to write policies to give users access, see Getting Started with Policies.


Initializes a new Region object with values from keyword arguments. The following keyword arguments are supported (corresponding to the getters/setters of this class):

  • key (str) -- The value to assign to the key property of this Region.
  • name (str) -- The value to assign to the name property of this Region.

Gets the key of this Region. The key of the region.

Allowed values are: - PHX - IAD - FRA - LHR - YYZ - NRT - ICN

Returns:The key of this Region.
Return type:str

Gets the name of this Region. The name of the region.

Allowed values are: - ap-seoul-1 - ap-tokyo-1 - ca-toronto-1 - eu-frankurt-1 - uk-london-1 - us-ashburn-1 - us-phoenix-1

Returns:The name of this Region.
Return type:str