class oci.dns.models.SteeringPolicyLimitRuleCase(**kwargs)

Bases: object

SteeringPolicyLimitRuleCase model.


Initializes a new SteeringPolicyLimitRuleCase object with values from keyword arguments. The following keyword arguments are supported (corresponding to the getters/setters of this class):

  • case_condition (str) -- The value to assign to the case_condition property of this SteeringPolicyLimitRuleCase.
  • count (int) -- The value to assign to the count property of this SteeringPolicyLimitRuleCase.

Gets the case_condition of this SteeringPolicyLimitRuleCase. An expression that uses conditions at the time of a DNS query to indicate whether a case matches. Conditions may include the geographical location, IP subnet, or ASN the DNS query originated. Example: If you have an office that uses the subnet you could use a caseCondition expression query.client.subnet in ('') to define a case that matches queries from that office.

Returns:The case_condition of this SteeringPolicyLimitRuleCase.
Return type:str

[Required] Gets the count of this SteeringPolicyLimitRuleCase. The number of answers allowed to remain after the limit rule has been processed, keeping only the first of the remaining answers in the list. Example: If the count property is set to 2 and four answers remain before the limit rule is processed, only the first two answers in the list will remain after the limit rule has been processed.

Returns:The count of this SteeringPolicyLimitRuleCase.
Return type:int