class oci.core.models.InstanceConfigurationVolumeSourceDetails(**kwargs)

Bases: object

InstanceConfigurationVolumeSourceDetails model.


Initializes a new InstanceConfigurationVolumeSourceDetails object with values from keyword arguments. This class has the following subclasses and if you are using this class as input to a service operations then you should favor using a subclass over the base class:

The following keyword arguments are supported (corresponding to the getters/setters of this class):

Parameters:type (str) -- The value to assign to the type property of this InstanceConfigurationVolumeSourceDetails.
static get_subtype(object_dictionary)

Given the hash representation of a subtype of this class, use the info in the hash to return the class of the subtype.


[Required] Gets the type of this InstanceConfigurationVolumeSourceDetails.

Returns:The type of this InstanceConfigurationVolumeSourceDetails.
Return type:str