class oci.core.models.DhcpSearchDomainOption(**kwargs)

Bases: oci.core.models.dhcp_option.DhcpOption

DHCP option for specifying a search domain name for DNS queries. For more information, see DNS in Your Virtual Cloud Network.


Initializes a new DhcpSearchDomainOption object with values from keyword arguments. The default value of the type attribute of this class is SearchDomain and it should not be changed. The following keyword arguments are supported (corresponding to the getters/setters of this class):

  • type (str) -- The value to assign to the type property of this DhcpSearchDomainOption.
  • search_domain_names (list[str]) -- The value to assign to the search_domain_names property of this DhcpSearchDomainOption.

Given the hash representation of a subtype of this class, use the info in the hash to return the class of the subtype.


[Required] Gets the search_domain_names of this DhcpSearchDomainOption. A single search domain name according to RFC 952 and RFC 1123. During a DNS query, the OS will append this search domain name to the value being queried.

If you set DhcpDnsOption to VcnLocalPlusInternet, and you assign a DNS label to the VCN during creation, the search domain name in the VCN's default set of DHCP options is automatically set to the VCN domain (for example, vcn1.oraclevcn.com).

If you don't want to use a search domain name, omit this option from the set of DHCP options. Do not include this option with an empty list of search domain names, or with an empty string as the value for any search domain name.

Returns:The search_domain_names of this DhcpSearchDomainOption.
Return type:list[str]

[Required] Gets the type of this DhcpOption. The specific DHCP option. Either DomainNameServer (for DhcpDnsOption) or SearchDomain (for DhcpSearchDomainOption).

Returns:The type of this DhcpOption.
Return type:str