oci.cims.IncidentClient Use the Support Management API to manage support requests.
oci.cims.IncidentClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around IncidentClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.cims.models.ActivityItem Details of Activity Item
oci.cims.models.Category Details of Category of the incident
oci.cims.models.Classifier Incident Classifier details
oci.cims.models.Contact Contact Details of the Customer
oci.cims.models.ContactList List of contacts
oci.cims.models.CreateCategoryDetails Details of Category of the incident
oci.cims.models.CreateIncident Details of Incident
oci.cims.models.CreateIssueTypeDetails Details Issue Type of the incident
oci.cims.models.CreateItemDetails Details of Item
oci.cims.models.CreateLimitItemDetails Details of Limit Item
oci.cims.models.CreateResourceDetails Details of Ticket Item
oci.cims.models.CreateSubCategoryDetails Details of Sub Category of the incident
oci.cims.models.CreateTechSupportItemDetails Details of TechSupport Item
oci.cims.models.CreateTicketDetails Details of Ticket created
oci.cims.models.Incident Details of Incident
oci.cims.models.IncidentResourceType Details of incident type
oci.cims.models.IncidentSummary Details of Incident
oci.cims.models.IncidentType Details of incident type
oci.cims.models.IssueType Details Issue Type of the incident
oci.cims.models.Item Details of Item
oci.cims.models.LimitItem Details of Limit Item
oci.cims.models.Resource Details of Ticket Item
oci.cims.models.ServiceCategory Incident Classifier details
oci.cims.models.Status Details of Ticket Status
oci.cims.models.SubCategory Details of Sub Category of the incident
oci.cims.models.TechSupportItem Details of TechSupport Item
oci.cims.models.TenancyInformation Details of Customer Tenant
oci.cims.models.Ticket Details of Ticket created
oci.cims.models.UpdateActivityItemDetails Details of Activity Item
oci.cims.models.UpdateIncident Details of Resource Item to be updated
oci.cims.models.UpdateItemDetails Details of Item
oci.cims.models.UpdateResourceDetails Update Resource details
oci.cims.models.UpdateTicketDetails Details of Ticket updated
oci.cims.models.ValidationResponse Validation Response